Literature, music and film are an integral part of my artistic inspiration. Frequent changes in places of living to India and Arab-Countries, South-East-Asian and Mediterranean countries have given shape to subjects and style. Art is thus both an intercultural communication and an interaction transcending all cultures. Art gives the possibility to get different cultures nearer to each other and to correspond with each other’s cultures, this forms the central purpose, ideas and inspirations of my works and helps to overcome any constraints imposed. Through my work, I present Human Landscapes. Sometimes I use human faces or figures which express the inner world of a human or his psyche and do not show reality like a photography. Humans are thus presented as integrated in nature and are part of their surroundings. My Indonesian and Arabic figures express the socio-political situation in the late 90ties in Indonesia and 2011 the so-called Arab Spring. The positive elements were talking out to my paintings of the awakening of Indonesia and Arab Countries to democracy and their future aspirations. My Dart-Art paintings characterize a human’s expressiveness. They are a surrealistic interplay between forms, colour and expression. Free of rules, Dart-Art inspires my paintings as I base them on creative ways to play with my art and reveal to the observer multiple possible ways to view and interpret these pieces. The Human Landscapes with neither abstract nor realistic faces; Mediterranean and Red Seas paintings are reflected under the title: “The Sky Meets the Sea”; Nefertiti, who remains a challenge to work on in a purely artistic reflection of the Egyptian theme. My research has taken me to the library of the German Archaeological Institute in Cairo and into an involvement with this mystical subject without constrained or deep involvement into actual politics. The Arab Spring inspired me to Nefertiti-Tahrir because the Egyptian women played the key role in the 2011 turmoil’s and socio-political manifestations of the Egyptians.
 Photo-Paintings: my recent art-technic is the development of the Neography in to Digital Art
A beautiful image
-    Academy of Fine Arts, Germany
-    Sociology & Arabic/Islamic studies, Germany, Jordan & Tunisia
Group exhibition (selection)
- Art & Polique ,Frankfurt,Basel,Karlsruhe
-    96 Salons des Femmes, Musée du Luxembourg, Paris, France
-    Artists from Frankfurt /M. in Cairo, Alexandria –Egypt & in Djeddah- Saudi Arabia.
-    Sarala Art Center Chiennai ex- Madras /India
-    Kaala Peetam Cochin, India
-    Biennale des Femmes, Grand Palais, Paris, France
-    5 European City : France, Spain, San Marino & Germany
-    International Workshop : Contemporary Weaving at Tasara Centre Bayport & Max Mueller Bavan (Goethe Institute) : Chiennai (ex- Madras /India), Bangladesh, Germany
-    54. Merdeka-Exhibition, Foreign Affair Art Gallery, opening by H.E. Al Atas, Minister of  Foreign Affaires Indonesia,
-    Kyklos Art Gallery, Paphos, Cyprus
-    Diakosmos Art & Design in Paphos, Cyprus
-    le Bosphore,Christm'art, la Seyne -sur-Mer
-    Espace Créative, Galerie St. Louis,Toulon * between 2 seas *
-     l'Art pour la Paix (Art for Peace),UNESCO Paris ,29.06-5.-06.2015
-     Les Montmartrois en Europe / groupe Berlin /Deutsch-Tuerkische Akademie Berlin
One-women-show (selection)
-    Art Gallery Moering, Wiesbaden
-    National Gallery of Fine Art, Algiers in cooperation with Institute Goethe-Germany,
-    Atelier 13, Paris, France
-    Exhibitions in my Atelier-Gallery in Frankfurt a/Main
-    Internat. Book Fair in Frankfurt a/Main
-    Museum of Modem Art, Chiennai ex- Madras /India
-    Grindlays Bank Art Gallery / Chiennai ex- Madras /India
-    sineu-atelier, Jakarta, Indonesia
-    WIC-Art Gallery in Jakarta, Indonesia
-    Kyklos Art Gallery, Paphos, Cyprus
-    Diakosmos Art & Design, Paphos, Cyprus
-    Khan Al – Maghrabi, Cairo, Egypt
-    atelier-sineu, Cairo/ Egypt
-    atelier-sineu, Casablanca / Morocco
-    Art Gallery-Goethe Institut Rabat/ Morocco
-    le Bosphore Centre d'Art la Seyne-sur-Mer
-    Espace Creation Galerie St.Louis * between 2 seas & Tahrir place *
-    Cafe des Arts ,La Seyne-sur-Mer * travel between 2 Seas*
-    Galerie KunstRaum-ko Berlin * das Licht der Anderen* (the light of the others)
Art Teaching and othre related artistic activities
-    Algiers: Lecturer at the National Academy of Fine Art
-    International French School /Jakarta
-    WIC in Jakarta, Indonesia
-    MMB (Max Mueller Bavan) Chiennai ex-Madras, India
-    Photo journalist in different fields:
-    Art works in Private & Public collections
Poetry publication:
-   Irdische Botschaft ,Forough Farrokhzad/Edition Zypresse /Illustrationen
 -   Verbrannte Gerueche ,Nassrin Ranjbar-Irani/IKW / Illustrationen sigrun neumann
-    Illustration / Rita & the Gun (Rita wa Bounduqia), Mahmoud Darwish
-    Iillustration / Djamal Amrani Alger/Algeria
- (recherche on cartoon)
-    member lesMontmARTois
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